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This forum contains threads for the release of files meant for versions 0.

Is there a website where I can find out the age of my used S&W revolver by serial number search?

This forum contains the archived releases threads for files published for version 2.0. These files should work for 2.0.7 unless otherwise specified.

Please do not ask for help getting these files working. These threads are meant for archival purposes, but files with working links should operate for their respective old versions.

But it still has an Force Close issue on Nougat 7.1.2 (Resurrection Remix Nougat ROM) when tapping the share roll down "share iconshare more" like the playstore version has as well. I'm momentarily using an old Quickpic version (2.9.4) on Nougat 7.1.2 where the share roll down still works. There is no great changes between , and

That short N97X serial number was made in 1969 when S&W started using the N prefix.

So, as Tamara said, if you provide the model number and first few digits of the serial number we can give you the DOB.

Jim Hello I see another responder has Pointed out an excellent source of S&W serial numbers and it will provide many hours of good reading on all the different models they made and make.

The Only True way to know when your gun was shipped from the factory is to apply for a Factory letter.

Some models are not as fast selling as others and although a reference book shows serial numbers and list's years when they shipped, it can only be considered a general idea of that model as I have seen some that shipped several years after these books show them to due to a less Popular status or demand for them.

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