Transphobia dating sites

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I also have the right to desire biological children, which means that it cannot possibly be wrong for me to deny someone the privilege of being in a romantic relationship with me if they do not share that desire, or are unable to contribute to that desire.

Julia Serano wrote in “Love Rant,” a chapter in “Whipping Girl,” that she and a (presumably cis) male friend of hers had a discussion about how she would feel if her partner were to tell her that they were trans.

Her trans partner may or may not identify as a lesbian, or bisexual. The cis woman is heterosexual; being with another woman is not in her sexual nature. This is telling the cis woman that she has no right to have a sexual preference, or orientation.

Or, the cis lesbian woman whose presumed female partner comes out as trans.

Commenter Melancholia asked: The answers were pretty much the same across the board: Galling Galla: “is it self-defense if a trans person will not date a cis person who asks questions like this?

She is a millimeter away from telling homosexual people that everything they are fighting for is worthless and all in vain, because sexual orientation doesn’t exist.

Excluding examples of people who are freaked out by their prospective partner being trans, or people who think trans people are “gross,” “unnatural,” or any number of other things, I can think of a lot of examples where a person would decide not to date a trans person because they are trans: Heterosexual cis woman whose (to her knowledge) heterosexual cis male husband informs her that he is trans, and will be transitioning to female.

Notice how Serano defaults to discussing trans women in her examples.

She openly admits her sexual preference and orientation, but simultaneously demands that the rest of us forget our own. She has an admiration for what trans women go through, and she can certainly identify with trans women.

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