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And at their worst, they're completely superficial.

Last night, you could barely read Proust because you kept imagining Odette in a cheerleader’s outfit, cheering for Marcel: “What’s up? “Cool.” “Have you ever watched the flowers bloom on the Champs de Rue? Both of you dangle short cigarettes from your lips. Soon you run back out, chased by police into the street, where you are both shot hundreds of times, for a ridiculous amount of time. , which is written in the fourth person—except for the Uzbekistan sections.If you’re presenting yourself in one light and appear in the flesh in another, you’ve started off on the wrong foot.“This is not the person I saw in the pictures” is not a good first impression.They’re standing together with their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders and are sort of bouncing up and down.They’ve taken an expression of proletarian rage about low wages and no future and turned it into a glorified conga line.

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