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Das Beste war dann, endlich das Hotel am nächsten Tag in der Früh verlassen zu können. This hotel offers modern accommodation on the quiet outskirts of Neuss, just a 30-minute drive from Düsseldorf’s historic Altstadt district and the Messe Düsseldorf trade fair.All of the Bastion Hotel Düsseldorf Neuss’s tastefully furnished rooms feature an en suite bathroom, comfortable twin beds, hot drink-making facilities and free Wi-Fi internet access.Two large islands lay in the Rhine, however, and Charles decided to capture them, reasoning that he would then control passage along the Rhine (and thus prevent the city from being resupplied) and the water supply to the city's moat.Several assaults in early and mid-August eventually captured the islands, though with heavy losses; soon thereafter a bridge to one of the islands collapsed, drowning many of Charles's Italian soldiers.

Dabei war die Formulierung des Taxifahrers noch höflich, für das, was mich später erwartete.

To secure his western border, Charles concluded a treaty with Louis XI of France and then prepared to march into the Rhine valley; contemporaries suspected his real motive was the eventual reconquest of all of Alsace.

Charles's route towards Cologne led him past Neuss, one of the centers of resistance against Ruprecht.

Charles was unharmed, but a rumor spread that the English had killed him, and enraged Burgundians began to slaughter the English until Charles presented himself to his army.

Throughout the siege he worked tirelessly to keep up morale and to prosecute the siege, and it was a common belief that he slept fully armored for only a few hours a night.

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