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The waters of Banki compare with those of Evian les Baines, Plombi£res, Neris, in France, Saxons, in Swit- zerland, Asqui, in Italy, and Bad Gastein, in Austria. D-vo za me- talna industria, Kvartal M Chris- to Botev" Rousse „Jiti a A.

The water is radio-active (1.5 curies and 36° C tempera- ture. These baths are recommended for nervous diseases, diseases of the circulatory OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION 89 system, and respiratory organs, diseases of the alimentary tract, rheumatism, skin diseases, superficial injuries, and diseases of the uri- nary and genital organs.

This is undoubtedly due to the fact, that they based their activities on sound traditions and connections. 2-64-87, 2-17-61 SECRETAIRE GENERAL ABTEILUNGEN * DEPARTMENTS * SERVICES ABTEILUNG „HANDEL" . The fifth spring is the Indjeza, with a temperature of 41° C. BETTMATRATZEN - BEDS & BEDSPRINGS (Iron & Brass) - LITS (en fer et laiton) ET SOM- MIERS METALLIQUES Gara-Pavlikeni Dctchev & Co INDUSTRIE * INDUSTRY * INDUSTRIE 241 Betten (Eisen & Messing*) u.

These are the oldest baths in the country, dating from the epoch 90 OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION of the Emperor Trajan (second century). „Mebel", Sab t D-vo BLECHVERPACKUNG - TINPLATE PACKING - EMBALLAGE EN FER-BLANC Bourgas Romano David & Hai'm Plovdiv Ghenov & Alfandari — ul.

The K a r 1 o v o thermal baths are situated several kilometres outside the town. They are re- commended for the following diseases — in- flammation of the kidneys, anemia, bronchitis, and diseases of the stomach etc. This is also one of the most im- portant health resorts in the country, and is situated some 45 kilometres North-East of the City of Plovdiv, on the lower slopes of the Sredna-Gora range of mountains, and is 360 metres above sea level.

The temperature is 41° C and the water is slightly mineralized, containing mainly sodium-bicarbonate, magnesium and sodium-sulphate. Moskovska 7 EISENGIESSEREIEN— IRON FOUN- DRIES - FONDERIES DE FER siehe Metallgiessereien — see Me- tal Foundries — voir Fonder ies de rnetaux EISENKASSEN - SAFES (Iron) - COFFRES-FORTS Pleven „Bourdjev Ivan" Kooperatzia Rousse Ganev Vassil, ul. - IRON CONSTRUCTIONS: BRIDGES, DOORS, WINDOWS, ETC.

The water at this health resort is renowned for its high cura- tive properties. Orlandovska 3 Stara-Zagora Tossounian Agop EISENKONSTRUKTIONEN : PFEI- LER, BROCKEN, TOREN, FENSTER USW.

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