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After all most of the letters require you to pass yourself off as a relative on legal documents so they deserve what they get. She was scammed over 3 years and lost vast amounts of money. Many of the victims take out personal loans, re-mortgage their homes, sell possessions, borrow from family and friends, and more to send money to these scammers.

Many of the early letters did state either that person x (usually a foreign national) had died without relatives and the corrupt government would confiscate this money if person Y (the victim) doesn’t impersonate a relative to claim the money. When the money is gone and the scam finishes they are left with crippling debt.

However, the most successful of these criminals are very good at what they do.

Plus, it gets to a point where the victim thinks “ I’ve come so far and paid so much, surely it this is the last payment”.

Nigeria was a happy and peaceful country until the west came along. Western companies, such as Halliburton and Shell, bribed their way into the country and proceeded to strip Nigeria of its assets leaving the inhabitants poverty stricken and struggling to survive. Therefore the West is responsible and now it is payback time.

Lad to Janne Pekkala (Baiter): Ok, I don't realy call it cheating, most times the smart person become victorious.

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Investors hit twice in scams, court told – over million Nigerian Money Scammers Claim a Major Victim - 0,000 Funnily enough, this is the argument most often used by the Nigerian lads and their supporters.

God bless you for all what you are doing to help these kind of victims.

Yours sincerely Pastor John C 04/12/03 It would be nice if that was the case.

Scam Patrol comes across between 15-20 victims per week, many of who have already sent money at the time they were warned.2. Less than 2 days after the tsunami killed over 200,000 people in Asia on Boxing Day 2004, scam letters were being circulated.

But only people who are greedy and a bit dishonest themselves would get sucked in. Sincerely, XXX XXX Jennings All she wanted to do was adopt some children whose mother had died of AIDS. People responded to these not because they were greedy but because they were generous and wanted to help those in trouble. Those who fall for these scams believe they are about to get millions of dollars. They see it as a 100% risk free investment that will pay off within days or weeks.

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