C wpf binding not updating

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Hopefully, one method will be better than the other ;0)Normally what happens is that you get reviews for your "current" version, and then you make corresponding changes, and then you have an improved version that you can put up for a "follow-up" review as another post.

They both perform the same function, and the modification I made is actually quite minor.

The problem with localization is that it's often an afterthought, something that's "I don't need this"... And if you haven't set yourself up for it from the start, you're in for a lot of pain. I like how it avoids clashes with locals and parameters, and thus avoids being forced to use an otherwise perfectly redundant qualifiers aren't the worst offender. I didn't think there still existed programmers writing C# code in 2016 using Hungarian Notation. There is no need to use type-hinting prefixes for any identifier in any code (see why).

Then you can use a value converter or a markup extension to support the easy-to-use resource format. Don't get me wrong - I use an underscore prefix all the time, for every single one of my private fields.

Hard-coding strings is fine for prototyping, but makes it quite painful to localize afterward: it's better to have the strings in a resource file from the start, so if/when you localize all that's left to do is, well, .

View Model" xmlns:mc=" xmlns:d=" mc: Ignorable="d" d: Design Height="392" d: Design Width="392" d: Data Context="".

Can you please leave one (last) version of the code you want reviewed and remove all the other versions?

You literally can’t have less code in the that we defined above, which will inherit that data context. All together around 35 real lines of C# code and about 18 lines of XAML. Don’t you just hate it when a button or a menuitem is greyed-out for no apparent reason? Much better to allow the button to be clicked and then give some informative feedback as to why the intended action cannot be carried out.Now we have our minimal MVVM framework, we can move on to create our application.As this post will show, I’ve finally gotten around to it., in this case, has a few caveats (as one might expect).

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